We have a battle

I have measure the speed of gathering resources using my watch. It is exactly 1000 oil per minute.

At 13:34:10 there was exactly 50000 units of oil.
300000 - 50000 = 250000. It's a quantity of resources extracted from mine till 13:34:10
250000/1000 = 250 - it's a time in minutes for gathering this resources. It's is 4 hours and 10 minutes.

13:34:10 - 4 hours and 10 minutes = 09:24:10 - It's a time, when _ty_vua entered in the mine.

I look at the summary of battle and wait a moment, when digit "4 hours" changed to "5 hours". It was at 14:35. 

So. The battle was started as 14:35 - 5 hours = 9:35

I measured the time it took to get to this mine. It's near 14 minutes and 45 seconds.


So, robbierotten will start his expedition not later, than 09:35 - 14 minutes and 45 seconds. Not late than 9:20:15. Otherwise he would have been late for the battle.

_ty_vua needs to go only 20 cells to this mine. It's not more than two minutes. He started his expedition at 09:24:10 - 2 minutes = 09:22:10. Not earlier.

So robbierotten started his expedition at 9:20:15 and _ty_vua start moving at 09:22:10 after two minutes!

robbierotten was FIRST.

And we have some other facts, showing agressive actions from AOZ.
For example. Do you really think that it's squad for gathering oil?